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Truth | Cannabis + Agarwood Organic Room Fragrance Mist


Our TRUTH spray is made with organic witch hazel infused with Cannabis + Agarwood essential oils, combined with natural obsidian.

Powerful protection stone, obsidian aka "the mirror stone" reminds us that everyone has a good & bad side. Shining a light on negativity and clears it away!

ingredients: 86% organic witch hazel extract, 14% alcohol, distilled water, natural obsidian, Cannabis + Agarwood essential oil blend

Mood: Rich + Exotic

  • Top: Cantaloupe, Marijuana Leaf
  • Middle: Marijuana, Hemp Seeds
  • Base: Musk, Amber, Eastern Cedar

store at room temperature 20c-25c (66F-77F). volume: 59ml / 2 fl oz
Made in United States of America

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